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We seek to change and facilitate medical tourism services in Turkey in a way that positively affects foreign patients coming to Turkey. We also work with distinguished hospitals and staff, putting the patient at the top of our agenda, where attention to the individual and adherence to values and ethics that are embodied in honesty and sincerity at work, continuing to learn and continuing to work hard to improve our skills, programs and services, is what distinguishes Medicol company and determines its prestigious position that enjoys have it today

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Prior to my stay in Turkey, I was aware of their excellent reputation and several friends commented about how lucky I was to schedule surgery there. As a result, my expectations were high however they were exceeded by the kind and professional staff with excellent patient care.

Marwa Taha

Female patient

The doctors, nurses and assistants were so excellent, I feel so good and so lucky, I'm back to my old self again and I feel good - I appreciate all your kindness and good care you have given me which is beyond my expectations.

Ahmad Sami

Heart patient

Great staff, really good environment and excellent patient care. They are constantly innovating themselves which is why they remain a leading hospital. This was the most distinguished medical institution I have ever dealt with.

Stephanie Marie

Female patient

What do we offer you

We focus on providing a wide range of medical consultation services and medical tourism in Turkey with modern and advanced methods of outstanding quality, which allow us to improve the health of the foreign communities we serve with love and understanding of the different needs of patients and their families. We aspire to be the first choice for patients considering treatment in Turkey and to be distinguished by achieving the satisfaction of our patients, and to provide the best possible quality of medical services and services, in addition to the best doctors, specialists and staff.

Our Vision

Medicall’s vision is to be a mediator between patients and Turkish hospitals, and to be a leader in the field of medical tourism services and medical consultations

Our Mission

Improving the quality of life of the community and contributing to healthy development; Providing preventive and curative health services to the community in a favorable and integrated structure at the highest level of medicine.

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