Stroke and Cerebral Angiography Center

What is a stroke?

A stroke is a condition that occurs when the vital flow of blood and oxygen to the brain is suddenly cut off or reduced due to blockage of a blood vessel. Sometimes it occurs as a hemorrhage in the brain tissue.

The cells in the area where the blood flow is cut off begin to die rapidly and temporary or permanent damage occurs to the functioning functions of the area where the stroke occurs. That is to say, paralysis occurs in critically ill patients in terms of vital conditions where the unit provides distinguished services in Treatment and medical care, using the latest types of technological medical devices and through a staff of health care staff specially trained in the field, services are provided in the unit through a multidisciplinary approach with the application of all types of laboratory and imaging tests.


The main treatments applied in the Cerebral Angiography and Stroke Center in patients with cerebral vascular occlusions


Dissolving the clot Pharmacotherapy to dissolve the intravenous thrombus


Thrombectomy Angiographic thrombectomy treatment


Dissolving clot



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